Private Ballet, Tap, & Jazz (Patijarevich)


Price includes four 30 minute lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes long, but may be taken consecutively.

Meghan Patijarvich

Meghan Patijarevich is a native Ohioan who currently resides just outside of Columbus with her husband and daughter. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she received a Masters of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Dance Education. She also has her Bachelor of Arts and K-12 teaching license in Dance from the University of Akron. With more than 16 years of dance teaching experience in different local studios and public school districts in Ohio including Akron, Columbus and Lima City Schools, Meghan has taught ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, cultural & social dance and creative movement to age 2 to adult. She brings her passion and love of dance to each class she teaches

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