• Day 1

    The Arts Castle Online Studio will be posting daily to share smiles to the community! We would LOVE to see anything you create, anything that makes you smile or any ideas you think we should create! Here is our schedule for the next few weeks. Stay healthy, friends!

    Monday: Make-It-Monday’s – photos and videos of a project using items around your house

    Tuesday: Toilet Paper Challenge – we are going to see how create we can get with those rolls and rolls of TP…after they have been used, obviously!

    Wednesday: Website Wednesday – we will share a website filled with fun information that will hopefully spark some creativity! We will also have demos of painting, drawing, color mixing, linocuts, wood burning…and so much more!

    Thursday: Reading Thursday – we will have guests read stories that we know will inspire some smiles.

    Friday: Family Fun Friday – we will share family games, lego challenges and more…something to spark family fun and a little competition!

    Saturday: Share It Saturday! – we will share videos and pics of creative ideas created by Arts Castle friends. We will also have contests for cutest pet pictures, funniest outfit, most creative meals…you name it, we want to see it. Creativity can be anywhere, right?

    Sunday: Sweet & Savory Sunday – we will share videos of sweet and savory cooking & baking. Yummmm!

    During this time, we will also share some art therapy ideas, yoga poses and stretches, drawing challenges, seek & finds, coloring pages, roll-a-picture games and more.

    We hope to make this time of social distancing a little easier and less lonely. Until we can see you again, we hope you share your creativity with us…and share as many smiles as you can!

    Make-it-Monday: Stress Ball

    Taking some of the stress out of a stress-filled time.

    Stay healthy. 6 feet apart hugs to all of you!

  • Day 2

    Morning art game: Roll-a-dog

    Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and dig through your games dice. Share your creations with us! 🙂


    TP Challenge FISH!

    Show us the best fish made from a toilet paper roll. Here is our attempt…we know you can be more creative though! 🐠 🐟 🎣

  • Day 3

    Website Wednesday:
    If you don’t know Mo Willems, stop everything and download the Delaware County District Library Hoopla app and get one of his books! They are so much fun!

    Now, back to the website/YouTube – Mo Willems is sharing “lunch doodles” at 1pm (m-f) Check it out…and be sure to share your doodles with us!

    Make a face with items around your house & share a pic with us! 😊🥰😀

    Since you can’t see his work hanging at the castle, see him today at 2pm! Thank you, Steve Harpster, for bringing smiles to the world!

    Check it out!
    Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

    Evening art game: Roll-a-Chicken

    Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and dig through your games dice. Share your creations with us! 

  • Day 4

    Get up and move with Laurie Berkner!

    Today’s Reading Thursday is from author Shary Williamson. We will have so many more videos from Shary in the upcoming weeks. Spread the smiles!

    Ms. Haver is sharing a fun kids craft live at 2:00 today. Check it out. 🙂


    Check it out!
    Explore the Uffizi Galleries

  • Day 5

    Starting Family Fun Friday off with some scavenger hunts. (And another fun game of checking your basement to make sure your sump pump made it through the rain. Stay safe and healthy, friends!)

    More fun on Family Fun Friday. Check out Mr. J – an Olentangy art teacher – creating fun for everyone! We would LOVE to see what you create. (Once this 2…3…4 hour delay for homeschooling starts, I promise to have my teenagers create a few! One will be excited…one…well, like everything right now…will be interesting!)

    Morning Game: Roll-a-Fish (we are currently working on Roll-A-Taco, Roll-A Castle and Roll-An-Owl…any other ideas?)

    Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and dig through your games dice. Share your creations with us!


    Check it out!
    Van Gogh Museum

    Waldo games are always fun! Can you find him?? 

  • Day 6

    Share It Saturday! Kati is prepping for the Haunted Castle!

    It’s storytime! Enjoy!

    Check it out!
    Smithsonian Virtual Tour National Museum of Natural History

  • Day 7

    Stranger Things Storytime! Enjoy!

    Sweet & Savory Sunday

    Check it out!
    The British Museum

  • Day 8

    Have you noticed any flowers popping up? We would love to see your creations!


    Finish this Rabbit

    We have seen people draw on paper, with chalk outside, on their computer…we can’t wait to see how creative you get!

    Finish The Rabbit

    Make it Monday with Sara (with the right video…on the 5th try). Spread kindness always

    Pretending we are at the beach🏖. Enjoy.

    It’s National Puppy Day! Share a funny pic of your puppy to spread some smiles today! ❤️

    Check it out!
    Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – Interior Streetview

    Spreading kindness and being creative is the best way to get through tough times! We love Delaware County! ❤️ 🎨

  • Day 9

    Sorry to scare everyone! 😉
    Today is TP Challenge Tuesday. The challenge for the day is to create the best MONSTER using an empty toilet paper roll. Either PM or post your monsters here for a chance to win a $5 gift card to the castle.

    Olentangy Hyatts Middle School knows how we can get through this time…edit videos and pretend we are all together! We can do this!

    We would love to see what other schools are doing too! Please tag us or share links. Thank you, Jim Meta!

    Roll-A-Taco —TACO TUESDAY! (any other ideas?)

    Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and dig through your games for dice. Share your creations with us!


    Can’t we all use a little more laughter?! Enjoy! 🤣

    Hula-hoopin’ with Oprah! Enjoy.

  • Day 10

    In light of the “Stay at Home” order placed on Ohio citizens, The Arts Castle will not be holding any classes at the castle for the spring quarter. In recognizing the impact on our students and their families in closing the schools and being isolated at home, The Arts Castle has created a free online program via Facebook, The Arts Castle Studio, and hope that this can bring some solace and creative relief to the community in dealing with this crisis.

    We will be offering several online paid classes that we had planned to offer this spring. In addition, we have reached out to several castle instructors and asked them to create FREE online classes that ANYONE can take at NO COST. Please check our facebook/website as these will be posted in the next few days.

    We realize this is a difficult time for all of us and want you to know that even though physically we can’t be with one another, that the Castle can offer opportunities to continue exploring their creativity and focus their minds and energies, in giving families common ground through art activities and experiences to share and have fun, and in keeping us connected through art.

    Website Wednesday: CHECK THIS OUT! Wow.

    New view of the castle. What do you think?


    Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and dig through your games for dice. Share your creations with us!


    We are having some fun creating art games while we sit and miss all of you! Any suggestions on other seek and find themes? ❤️❤️❤️

    Spring Seek And Find

    The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake — enjoy!

  • Day 11



    Check it out!! So cute. What is your favorite creative book?

    Our book of the day — is pretty perfect! Let us know what you think.

    One of our favorites – The Kissing Hand

    JJK can inspire so much creativity — for all ages! Check it out.

    Check it out! 

  • Day 12

    Creative Ways to Cope #1

    Calm Down Cocoa

    Help you and your kids deal with stress, anger or letting go.

    Imagine you have a large cup of hot chocolate held in both your hands. Imagine the color of the cup, the feeling of its warmth, the deep rich smell of cocoa, and take a deep breath in.

    Think of breathing in that warm rich smell yet at the same time imagine something that you want to let go of like stress, anger or tension and breathing that in as well.

    Breathe in for 5 seconds counting 1,2,3,4,5….hold your breath….and then slowly blow out your breath, just like you would when you are cooling off hot chocolate, imagining breathing out those negative feelings. 1,2,3,4,5. Letting them go.

    Do the same again.

    Practice this with your family. Have them tell you what feelings they are breathing out and letting go. Encourage them to do their hot chocolate breaths when they need to release uncomfortable feelings or thoughts.




  • Day 13

    Creative Ways to Cope #3

    Let Them Be Heard

    Don’t minimize your children’s fears or anxieties.

    Avoid euphemisms such as “it’s just the flu,” “you don’t need to worry about that,” “cheer up,” or “this isn’t something that you should be concerned about.”

    Listen to them and respect them but don’t belittle them.

    Your children’s thoughts and feelings are valid.

    They are real and need to be heard and recognized.

    Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and dig through your games for dice. Share your creations with us!


    Sweet & Savory Sunday brought to you by Ty

  • Day 14





    Check it out!