Different Strokes for Different Folks


Whether you like pop art, classical themes or contemporary styles we’ve got you covered! Join us weekly for a class that’s part fun art history lesson and part painting party.  Each class will start off with a brief art history conversation on a specific technique popularized by a genre or time frame. Students will then create a painting study in the technique they’ve just learned about. Each class will be unique and students will create a new painting weekly. Students should bring an image that they’d like to create in the style of the week, we won’t be re-creating existing paintings so plan to make a masterpiece that’s all your own. We are excited to offer a new format for this art class to help with busy schedules. Students will have the option to pay for a select 4 of the sessions or all 8.  If they choose the 4 class option they may attend any 4 of the 8 sessions.  If they’d like to attend all 8 they may choose that payment option as well.


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Registration Deadline

March 30

# of sessions

4 or 8


Kati Henning